Keto Konversation
Bringing together the Keto and Fasting Community
The Ketogenic Diet is the most searched for ‘diet’ in Google in 2019, diets come and go in popularity, because usually it's just about weight loss.

What makes the Ketogenic Diet and Ketones different are the
and health benefits from being in ketosis over and above fat loss

 This is the focus of the Keto Konversation 2019
What people notice when they are  being fuelled by Ketones
Mental Focus
Better Sleep
Reduced Inflammation
Increased Energy
Appetite Supression
The 4 Ways to get Ketones into your BODY
20g of total carbs per day
High Fat Low Carb
Need to be very strict
Takes Approx 36 Hours 
Additional Benefits - Autophagy
Not that popular....Yet
MCT Rapidly converted to Ketones - BHB
Neutral taste - easy to use
Potential Gut Distress
 Drink Exogenous Ketones
Salts and Esters
Immediately Available Fast Ketosis
Keto is becoming mainstream
When you hear on primetime BBC Radio 4 that Cambridge University is studying fasting because they have discovered that it helps regrow the myelin sheath and improve nerve function with Multiple Sclerosis sufferers, the Today Program went onto say that people aren’t very good at Fasting so they are looking for drugs that mimic the effect of fasting.  

When you hear that the NHS are getting great results in reversing Type 2 Diabetes by putting patients on a strict calorie restricted (Fasting?) plan of 800 Calories per day. Whether you agree with the methods the NHS are using; shakes, bars and soups versus a Whole Foods Approach or not what we are seeing is a SHIFT towards a Carb Appropriate Lifestyle..
The Real Magic of FASTING and the Keto Diet is
Is not the restriction of carbs or 
Eating copious amounts of Fat or
Calorie Restriction while Fasting 

The benefits come from the production of KETONES
and in particular the Ketone - Beta HydroxyButyrate (BHB) 

The common denominator is that you have KETONES in your body and you are benefitting from them, at the KETO KONVERSATION we will be discussing and sharing the benefits of being in KETOSIS (having Ketones in your body).

BHB - Molecular Structure
4 types of People that we'll hear from at the Keto Konversation
Research Scientists

Cutting edge science from the leading University Researchers in the UK and arguably the world of Ketone research.
Healthcare Professionals
General Practitioners, Nutritional therapists and naturopaths that are using the Ketogenic Diet as an approach for improving a whole range of health outcomes.

Individuals using the ketogenic diet or ketones to improve health and performance and pave a way for research studies to validate their results

From people who have dramatically changed their health and lives
Whats Accelerating Keto Research

Up until a few years ago researchers into the health benefits of the Ketogenic Diet would have relied on patients following a strict keto diet for a 1-2 week period, food would need to have been provided (costly), or a prolonged period of education on how to follow a ketogenic diet, participants in trials may have needed daily monitoring of test subjects to ensure compliance that they had therapeutic levels of Ketones in their blood.

That would have taken time and money just to get to the starting point.

Scientific researchers are finding it much easier to test different health and performance benefits of being in ketosis because of the availability of exogenous ketones in the form of ketone esters (that have been developed here at Oxford University) and ketone salts.

Researchers using the keto diet and exogenous ketones are complimenting each other and this synergy is helping accelerate the research and when you combine the anecdotal benefits that are stacking up from numerous individual bio-hackers like Tim Ferriss the author of the Four Hour Work Week cured himself of Lyme Disease from using the ketogenic diet, Dr Mary Newport got amazing results with her husbands Alzheimers disease by using MCT Oils (that are broken down into ketones).

Speaker Line Up
Dr Adrian Soto
Oxford University
How Ketones work - Potential therapeutic Benefits
Adrian qualified as a Medical Doctor in Mexico, a country that has one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world..

He is currently conducting research at Oxford University for a PhD. He has a special interest in how BHB lowers blood sugar and the potential benefits for treating diabetes

Jennifer Harper-Deacon
Author and Naturopath
A ketogenic lifestyle and its impact on our hormones 
Award-winning columnist Jennifer wrote ‘What’s the Alternative?’ for The Sunday Times’ and runs a successful clinic where she draws upon over 25 years of postgraduate training and experience.

 Her unique skill set combines traditional naturopathic modalities with cutting-edge, evidence-based functional medicine.

At the forefront of her treatment regime is the ketogenic lifestyle and ketone supplementation which is proving to be hugely beneficial to her patients.
Joe Rogister
Nutritional Therapist
Australian based Canadian
Using ketones to transform your health
Joe’s influenced over 80,000 people on how to lose weight and control cravings using a carb appropriate lifestyle.
He pretty much follows a strict keto lifestyle himself  along with his wife Kristy who has recovered from a severe auto-immune condition following the birth of their daughter.

 Joe will also be interviewing some of the UK’s biggest losers who had tried everything and nothing had worked and have now managed to lose significant amounts of fat and change their life.
Andrew Scarborough
UK Based 
Brain Tumour Researcher
N=1 Experiment - Using Ketosis to Fight a Brain Tumour
Andrew was just 27 when he was diagnosed with a high-grade anaplastic astrocytoma brain tumour. He underwent surgery and began chemotherapy but after four months he stopped the treatment and made significant changes to his diet. Five years on and Andrew has had no tumour growth, and is continuing to follow a restricted Palaeolithic ketogenic diet. His quality of life has drastically improved and he is dedicating his studies to research into the disease.
Dr. des. Elena C. Gross
Ketone Researcher 
Turning a 'headache' into a PhD- Migraine Research using the Ketogenic diet and Ketones
Elena has background in Neuroscience (University of Oxford) and is currently finishing a PhD in clinical research at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

She is also a migraine patient and a keto enthusiast. Frustrated by the available treatment options for migraines, her research career has focused on better understanding this common and debilitating disease, with the ultimate goal on improving clinical care. Elena is particularly interested in the role of energy metabolism in migraine pathophysiology, as well as other neurological diseases. Her and her lab are currently conducting a randomised controlled clinical trial on the efficacy and safety of exogenous ketone bodies in migraine prevention, the first controlled trial on ketone body salts.
Nicholas Norwitz
Oxford University PhD Researcher
Ketones as a Fuel for the Brain
Nicholas Norwitz, graduated Valedictorian of his class at Dartmouth University in the US with and undergraduate degree in Cell Biology Molecular Biochemistry and was admitted to Harvard Medical School. However, Nick  decided  to defer Harvard and put his dream of becoming a medical doctor on hold in order to pursue a PhD in Ketone Metabolism Research at Oxford University because, as he puts it, “this movement could revolutionize healthcare and I can’t afford not to be a part of it.”.

Nicholas is specialising in researching neurological conditions such as Alzheimers and Parkinson's.

Gavin Allinson
Fasting Expert
Sports Nutritionist
Practical strategies for fasting
From Intermittent Fasting (16-8), OMAD (One Meal a Day), 72 Hour Water and Keto Fasts, 5 Day Fast Mimicking Fasts.

Gavin has tried them all and will share his experiences, his take on the science and strategies that you can take away and use to improve your health
Medical Herbalist/Nutritionist
The skinny on Fats
I run a busy clinic, where I treat patients using herbal medicine and a clinical nutrition to treat serious and long term medical conditions such as autoimmune conditions, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

I completed a 4 year full time course at the School of Herbal Medicine qualifying in 1992 since when I have been a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and have run my own practice.

I work similarly to an orthodox GP, carrying out standard examinations and clinical diagnoses, but with an eye to underlying causes rather than just treating symptomatically. Unlike a GP I spend a good deal of time with my patients understanding their condition in the broader context of their life, diet and medical history. I create individual dietary strategies to bring about meaningful physiological change, supported by herbal prescriptions, as required, which are tailor-made and dispensed from my extensive herbal pharmacy.

My areas of specialist research include: the ketogenic diet, the palaeolithic diet, auto-immunity, neurological and metabolic dysfunction, cardiovascular problems and reproductive health
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